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Understanding Mobile Device Management (MDM) for SMEs in the UK

Understanding Mobile Device Management (MDM) for SMEs in the UK

In today’s fast-paced business world, staying connected and productive while on the move is essential.

This necessity has made mobile devices ubiquitous in the workplace, but it also introduces significant challenges in terms of managing and securing these devices.

This is where Mobile Device Management (MDM) comes into play to encompass mobile application management, identity and access management, and enterprise file sync and sharing.

What is Mobile Device Management (MDM)?

Mobile Device Management (MDM) refers to MDM software solutions that allow businesses to monitor, manage, and secure their employees’ mobile devices.

These devices can include smartphones, tablets, and even laptops. MDM provides a comprehensive approach to managing mobile devices, ensuring that corporate data is secure while also maintaining user productivity.

How is MDM Useful for SMEs?

For small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), MDM is particularly useful for several reasons.

First, it simplifies the management of multiple devices, including both personal and corporate devices, which is critical as the number of mobile devices in the workplace continues to grow.

Second, it enhances security by providing tools to enforce security policies, remotely wipe devices, and monitor device compliance.

Benefits of MDM for SMEs

  1. Enhanced Security: MDM solutions help protect sensitive corporate data by enforcing security policies, such as requiring strong passwords and encrypting data on devices. In the event of a lost or stolen device, MDM allows for remote wiping of data to prevent unauthorised access.

  2. Improved Productivity: By managing and controlling the applications and data on managed devices, MDM ensures that employees have access to the tools they need to be productive, while also preventing the use of unapproved apps that could pose security risks.

  3. Compliance: Many industries have strict regulations regarding data security. MDM helps SMEs comply with these regulations by enforcing security policies and providing audit logs for compliance reporting.

  4. Cost Savings: Effective device management can reduce the costs associated with data breaches and lost devices. It also streamlines the process of onboarding new devices, saving time and reducing IT workload.

MDM vs. MAM: Understanding the Difference

While MDM focuses on managing the device as a whole, including mobile phones, smartphones, tablet computers, and other handheld devices, Mobile Application Management (MAM) specifically targets the applications on the device.

MAM allows businesses to manage and secure app data without having to manage the entire device.

This is particularly useful in Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) environments where employees use personal devices for work purposes.

MAM can control and protect corporate data within specific apps, ensuring data security without intruding on personal data.

Why Microsoft Intune is Perfect for MDM Solutions

Microsoft Intune is a robust mobile device management software and MAM solution that integrates seamlessly with other Microsoft services.

It provides a unified platform to manage devices and applications, making it an ideal choice for SMEs. Here are some reasons why Microsoft Intune stands out:

  • Integration with Microsoft 365: Intune integrates perfectly with Microsoft 365, allowing for streamlined management of users and devices. This integration ensures that employees have secure access to emails, files, and other Microsoft 365 applications.

  • Comprehensive Security: Intune provides advanced security features, such as conditional access, which restricts access to corporate resources based on compliance policies. This ensures that only secure, compliant devices can access sensitive data.

  • Ease of Use: The user-friendly interface of Intune makes it easy for IT administrators to manage and secure devices. It also provides detailed reports and analytics to monitor device compliance and usage.

  • Scalability: Intune can scale with your business, making it suitable for SMEs that anticipate growth. It supports a wide range of devices and operating systems, ensuring flexibility and adaptability.

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Top Tips for MDM & SME Businesses

Implementing MDM in Your SME

1. Start with a Clear Policy: Define your mobile device policy before implementing MDM. This should include security requirements, acceptable use policies, and guidelines for employee-owned devices. Additionally, consider specific policies for Android devices to address their unique security and management needs.

2. Educate Your Employees: Ensure that your employees understand the importance of mobile security and how MDM benefits them. Regular training and clear communication can help foster a security-conscious culture.

How to maximise your MDM benefits

1. Regularly Update Policies: As your business evolves, so should your mobile device policies. Regularly review and update your policies to address new security threats and business needs.

2. Monitor and Audit: Use the reporting and analytics features of your MDM solution to continuously monitor device compliance and usage. This helps in identifying potential security issues before they become critical. Additionally, maintaining an up-to-date device inventory is crucial for effective management and configuration of Apple devices within your enterprise.

The Importance of Cyber Security

In the digital age, cyber security is more crucial than ever. Protecting your mobile devices is a significant part of an overall cyber security strategy, which includes unified endpoint management to manage all endpoint devices through a single console.

At Acora One, we offer comprehensive cyber security solutions that complement our MDM services, ensuring that your business is protected from all angles.

Acora One's MDM Offerings: Security From Anywhere

At Acora One, we understand the unique challenges that SMEs face in managing and securing mobile devices.

Our MDM solutions are designed to provide comprehensive security and management capabilities for both personal and enterprise-owned devices, tailored to meet the specific needs of your business.

By leveraging the power of Microsoft Intune, we offer a seamless and effective way to protect your mobile workforce.

MDM Overview

Mobile Device Management is no longer a luxury but a necessity for SMEs in the UK.

It provides the tools needed to secure, manage, and optimize the use of mobile devices in the workplace, ensuring that businesses can operate efficiently and securely.

Are you confident in your current MDM solutions?

If not, now might be the perfect time to explore how MDM can enhance your business's security and productivity.

Contact Acora One today to learn more about our MDM offerings and how we can help safeguard your mobile workforce.


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