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We offer top-quality IT support and services to SMEs, many in professional sectors. Whenever SMEs need help with IT, we want to be the one they call.

Why Acora One?

one to one

We’re perfectly suited to the market we serve. We deliver exactly what SMEs need, no more and no less. We’re small enough to know our clients well, but not so small that we end up letting them down. We’re large enough to have rock-solid infrastructure, processes and finances, but not so big that SMEs can’t afford us.

We are one

We were formed from the teams of Computer Service Centre, Westgate and M9. In future, other firms will join too, allowing us to expand across the country. We may have many pasts, but we have just one future. We’ve come together to form one family. We are one. Acora One.

one step ahead

Our streamlined contract takes the hassle out of setting up and managing services. Simple service levels make it easy for clients to choose the services they need. We communicate openly and keep clients in the loop with what’s happening. Our processes are transparent, and we share performance data freely.

The one they want

Our clients need someone to take away the problem of IT and keep their operations running every day. They want responsive, friendly service and a strong relationship of trust. We focus on the one thing our clients want, and make sure we deliver it.

one thing leads to another

We can help everyone from a fast-growing tech start-up to a well-established law firm with a stable customer base. Whatever our clients want to achieve, and however quickly they grow, we’re there to support them.

All in one

SMEs buying IT support are looking for a one-stop shop. We can give you everything you need under one roof. One firm, one partner, one number to call. No buck-passing, blame-shifting or finger-pointing. That’s the Acora One promise.

one of a kind

Our membership of Acora marks us out from competitors. Our clients can tap into the strength, expertise and financial stability of our parent group. As part of Acora, we can offer proven expertise in areas like security and application development, offering enterprise-grade solutions to SMEs.

Our clients get the same responsive service they’ve always
enjoyed, plus a whole new dimension of expertise to support their development and growth.

We live by our values

Our core values get to the heart of what we’re about as a business:

Together We Win

Together, we win

We succeed when we communicate well across the business and build solid partnerships with our customers. Good communication, strong relationships and commitment creates a team that can deliver on its promises.

We Do What We Say

We do what we say

We never walk away from a job; never make excuses; never shirk responsibility. We always keep our promises. We regard our culture of personal responsibility as a huge asset – as it gives our customers the belief that we’ll always deliver.

Be The Best You Can Be

Be the best you can be

We challenge ourselves to raise our game each day as a business and as individuals. As our own harshest critics, we believe we can always find better ways of delivering the best service for our customers.


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