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SharePoint Intranet Development

Build a powerful and secure information hub for all your staff

Why use SharePoint intranet services?

Work smarter

SharePoint lets you create new, all-electronic working processes, so your people can focus on their work instead of shuffling paper.

Cultivate collaboration

SharePoint opens up new possibilities for collaboration, allowing your team to share ideas, spark connections and develop innovations.

Keep everyone in the loop

SharePoint is the ideal way to share company news and important guidance for teams.

Ease off the email

Instead of endlessly emailing attachments to each other, your team can collaborate directly on a single shared version of each document. It’s far more secure and there are no problems with version control.

Manage your documents

With SharePoint’s document management features, all your information is available to everyone, everything is searchable and automatic version control shows you exactly who changed what and when.

Free up your workflows

SharePoint lets you create and manage new workflows for the vital tasks you do every day, so you can handle them quicker and easier than ever before.

Safe and secure

With SharePoint, you can set profiles and permissions for everyone in your team, so they can only access the data they really need. That keeps your risk of information security breaches and theft to an absolute minimum.

Find the best way to use a SharePoint intranet in your business, and develop
a solution that meets your exact needs

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With our expertise and passion we digitally transformand empower businesses whilst continuouslyproviding value.



Customised software built to the exact processes and requirements of your business, making it much easier to scale up your software as you grow and develop.

Cost effective

Cost effective

Save money and invest in your own business development, so you don’t have to make monthly payments for off-the-shelf SaaS apps, with little flexibility.

Workflow integration

Workflow integration

Seamless integration with your existing workflow, combining all of your business processes and operations into one easy to use solution.

Support & maintenance

Support & maintenance

We can boast a 99%+ customer retention rate and a 97%+ customer satisfaction score from completed support tickets within the past year – two stats that outclass the industry average.

Continuous delivery

Continuous delivery

Everything is hosted online, in the cloud, so there's nothing to install and no upgrades to worry about. Easily update your product when you need to.

Competitive advantage

Competitive advantage

Gain a substantial competitive advantage by implementing functions, designed specifically for your business, unavailable to other competitors in the market.

Using innovative technology, we’ll scale up your development and help you achieve your goals online.

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Our Bespoke Software Services

We offer the following products and services for bespoke software:

SharePoint Intranet Development

Automate business processes and create workflows that help to make your business more efficient and productive.

What’s included with SharePoint Intranet Development

Mobile App Development

Create practical and seamless experiences on any device and get the best of mobile technology for your business.

What’s included with Mobile App Development

API Integration

Combine two or more separate systems via APIs to provide key functionality to your business application or website.

What’s included with API Integration

Software Consultancy

Get an expert opinion to identify the technology barriers that stand between you and a more profitable business.

What’s included with Software Consultancy

We live by our values

Our core values get to the heart of what we’re about as a business:

Together We Win

Together, we win

We succeed when we communicate well across the business and build solid partnerships with our customers. Good communication, strong relationships and commitment creates a team that can deliver on its promises.

We Do What We Say

We do what we say

We never walk away from a job; never make excuses; never shirk responsibility. We always keep our promises. We regard our culture of personal responsibility as a huge asset – as it gives our customers the belief that we’ll always deliver.

Be The Best You Can Be

Be the best you can be

We challenge ourselves to raise our game each day as a business and as individuals. As our own harshest critics, we believe we can always find better ways of delivering the best service for our customers.